Peter M. Brown (b. 1941) Inducted in 2010

Northern Miner, Nov. 23, 2009

Peter Brown has contributed to the growth and prestige of Canada’s mining industry by helping many resource entrepreneurs and emerging companies gain access to venture capital that enabled them to acquire and explore promising mineral prospects or develop and operate new mines.

In co-operation with the Vancouver Stock Exchange (which he soon served as Chairman), he worked to build a vibrant junior finance market with a particular emphasis on and expertise in mining and exploration finance. These efforts gave birth to Canadian successes such as Corona, the Hemlo discoveries, Eskay Creek and Dia Met Minerals at home, and through the export of Canadian exploration expertise, Arequipa, Aurelian and Wheaton River abroad.

For more than 40 years, Brown has worked diligently to raise the standards for venture capital finance and make it a respected vehicle for economic growth and wealth creation in Canada and around the world.

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