Peter Brown: Chair and CEO of Canaccord Capital Corp

BC Business, Sept. 1, 2005

Canaccord Capital Corp., Canada’s largest independent investment dealer and a Howe Street institution, is rolling in good news: revenues are up, profits are moving in the same direction and its new London office is slammed with business.

Pretty bullish, yet at this moment, boss and founder Peter Brown does not look impressed. That could be because the gruff and driven 63-year-old with a gravelly voice and intimidating glare has found himself sitting across the table from a journalist. Now that the company is public, you might expect Brown to emerge from behind the cloud of cigarette smoke in his office to speak with reporters on a more regular basis to give the company more personality in the eyes of potential shareholders. But he rebuffs the press as much as he always has, preferring to spend his time running the company he and a partner bought for $23,000 in 1968 and today cranks out revenues of over $430 million.

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